• Provide custom hardware solutions to allow Gears Sports analysis systems to work with athletes and the general public across multiple sports with little or no custom clothing

  • Tracking system provides biomechanical / human performance data as well as hardware / equipment analysis (i.e club fitting for golf)

  • Designed and built custom tracking systems to provide ground truth data for human interaction in virtual reality


What role does technology play in life science and sports performance?

Visualization plays a vital role in both life sciences and sports performance, allowing for deeper understanding, analysis, and optimization in these fields. In life sciences, advanced visualization techniques such as molecular modeling, medical imaging, and 3D rendering are invaluable tools for researchers and healthcare professionals. They enable the exploration of intricate biological structures, the study of disease mechanisms, and the planning of complex surgical procedures. Additionally, data visualization helps in interpreting large-scale genomic and proteomic data, revealing patterns and insights that drive scientific breakthroughs.

In the realm of sports performance, visualization is a powerful tool for athletes and coaches alike. Motion capture technology and biomechanical analysis provide detailed insights into an athlete’s movements, technique, and form, enabling data-driven adjustments and improvements. Virtual reality simulations create immersive training environments, allowing athletes to visualize and mentally rehearse their performance, enhancing muscle memory and mental preparation. Moreover, data visualization dashboards display real-time metrics and analytics, empowering coaches to make informed decisions and tailor training regimens for optimal performance. By leveraging visualization, both life sciences and sports performance benefit from enhanced understanding, analysis, and optimization, driving advancements in knowledge, health, and athletic excellence.


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