Amazon Studios VP Stage design and build

  • Provided technical design expertise
  • Hardware vendor review and selection
  • Took (2) existing/historic sound stages and combined them into a single stand alone VP stage
  • Custom designed camera tracking system, floor support, integrated structural truss
  • Managed all vendors (including quote review/approval, contract negotiations, work schedules, delivery deadlines and budgets)
      • Rigging crew
      • Stage / production electrical
      • IT
      • Construction
      • Production pipeline hardware and software engineers
  • Negotiated lease and equipment terms with acquiring landlord (MBS)

Mandalorian & Ahsoka

  • Inserted midway through season 3 of Mando to provide full Simulcam/realtime compositing services to 1st unit

  • Developed a streamlined Simulcam system to significantly reduce latency in rendered/composited images on set

  • Provided same services for the entire 1st season of Ahsoka

Carne y Arena VR art installation

  • Designed and installed custom/ultra low latency realtime tracking system for VR headset in a large volume with physical effects, smoke, fog, etc
  • Provided custom render PCs which were the only machines ever tested that were capable of rendering the massive VR experience designed and built by ILM’s X lab
  • Worked directly with Academy Award winning director Alejandro Inarritu to deliver the overall VR experience
  • Installed multiple locations around the world including Cannes Film Festival
  • Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded a ‘rare special Oscar’ to Inarritu for this project!

What role does technology play in Media & Entertainment?

Visualization opens new workflows and approaches in the media and entertainment industry, captivating audiences and bringing creative visions to life. In the world of film and television, advanced visual effects and computer-generated imagery (CGI) allow filmmakers to create fantastical worlds, breathtaking action sequences, and photorealistic characters that would otherwise be impossible to achieve through traditional means. Visualization techniques such as previsualization and virtual production enable directors and artists to plan and visualize complex scenes, streamlining the filmmaking process and enhancing creative collaboration.

In the gaming industry, cutting-edge graphics and immersive virtual environments transport players into richly detailed and visually stunning digital realms, delivering unforgettable gaming experiences. Real-time rendering and visualization technologies also play a crucial role in enhancing the realism and interactivity of these virtual worlds. Furthermore, data visualization is increasingly important in the media and entertainment sector, providing insights into audience preferences, content consumption patterns, and marketing strategies. By visualizing complex data sets, industry professionals can make informed decisions, optimize content distribution, and deliver personalized experiences to their audiences.


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