Expect Disney +’s Mandalorian CGI To Be Better Than The Star Wars Prequels

We found this article on  CinemaBlend written by Laura Hurley and couldn’t resist a sneak peak into the visual effects used in The Mandalorian. The show is set to air November, 12th – Are you as excited as we are to watch this!!!

The Mandalorian is coming to Disney+ as the very first live-action Star Wars series, and anticipation is high to see what executive producer Jon Favreau brings to the table. Favreau has been behind massive and game-changing pop culture hits like Iron ManThe Jungle Book, and The Lion King, and he has experience at combining live-action with animation and special effects to great success. Naturally, a Star Wars project will involve a lot of effects, which always raises the questions: how will this project compare to the prequels?

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