Pi Square

209 group partner, Pi Square, presents "PiStage":

Next-Gen Previs & Real-Time Animation Software




PiStage Features

Content Creation Tool

Helps you easily create game engine compliant contents such as models, skeletons, shaders, ...etc.

Maya to Unreal Viewport Syncing

Animators, lighters, camera operators and FX artist can see the final result instantly while editing the scene. This feature is also good for making 3d live shows.

Scene Packer

Converts your scene layouts and animations into playable game cinematics.

Asset Converter

Converts your 3d assets from Maya to Unreal Engine painlessly.


Render Beauty, Alpha, Depth, Ambient Occlusion and Normal passes at any resolution just like with any other renderer in Maya. Includes limited support of Maya Render Layers.



Benefits of PiStage

  • Minimize cost by enabling Maya animators to control game engines without extensive training.
  • Leverage Unreal Engine 4 image quality and rendering speed, all controlled from Maya.
  • Create Unreal Engine 4 assets in Maya without needing a dedicated UE4 Editor to import assets.
  • High-end rendering control that generates high-resolution and multilayered imagery.

Possible Discounts

  • Annual Licenses: Save 33%
  • Multiple License Purchase:
    • 6-10: Save 20%
    • 11-20: Save 30%
    • 21-40: Save 40%
    • 41+: Save 50%
  • Partners: Save 30%
  • Educational Discount and Version also available.

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