OptiTrack, a 209 group client, provides industry-leading precision motion capture and 3D tracking systems for video game design, animation, virtual reality, robotics, and movement sciences.


About OptiTrack

Delivering tracking technology since 1996.

OptiTrackā„¢ is the largest motion capture provider in the world, offering high-performance optical tracking at the most affordable prices in the industry. The OptiTrack product line includes motion capture software and high-speed tracking cameras, as well as contract engineering services. Used by facilities worldwide in a variety of markets ranging from film and games to sports training and biomechanics, OptiTrack customers include the top in their respective fields.

Customers including (and not limited to): 343 Industries, Activision, Animatrik, Boeing, Disney, Google, NASA, The Imaginarium, and more!

The reasons you should choose OptiTrack, just to name a few...

  • Validated Biomech Markersets: OptiTrack supports numerous biomechanics markersets, with a focus on the most complex and biomechanically-sound options -- like IOR Gait -- which have traditionally been difficult for motion capture systems to track.
  • Industry-Leading Performance: From the Prime 41's jaw-dropping range (2x the nearest competitor) to the Prime 17W's massive FOV, to the Flex 13's unmatched resolution in a sub-$1K offering -- OptiTrack cameras lead the industry in usability and performance.
  • Easy to Use: From camera setup to calibration, to data capture and export, OptiTrack systems are designed with simplicity in mind. One-click subject calibration, plug-and-play force plates, simple NIDAQ configuration (and more!) enables a swift and simple setup.
  • Surprisingly Affordable Pricing: Accessible pricing is at their heart to democratize motion capture. Simply put, you will not find engineering-grade motion capture priced more competitively than an OptiTrack system.

Motion Capture Cameras for All Your Needs

  • Low Latency, High Speed Tracking for Medium Sized Areas.
  • Max Volume Size in Smaller Setup Areas at 360 FPS
  • Ultra-wide FOV Tracking for Small Labs and Overhead VR
  • Premium Exceptional Precision, Huge Capture Volumes, and Outdoor Capture.
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Most Popular Cameras

Prime 41

The most precise tracking camera in the world

Prime 13

High Speed tracking for medium-sized areas

Prime 17W

Maximize volume size in smaller areas at 360 FPS

Prime 13W

Ultra-wide FOV for small labs & overhead VR

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