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209 group client, Motion Burner, the most capable motion capture services group in the world!

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 About Motion Burner

Motion Burner works with all of the top film, television, and video game companies in the world — providing best in class data processing, custom animation, and pipeline technology services.¬†They process data from all face and body motion capture providers and deliver the highest quality with a rapid turnaround in whichever format your pipeline requires. Any marker count, any marker set, period!

Motion Burner Services

Data Cleaning

* All passive optical motion capture hardware/software systems supported and all such combinations

* Real-Time access to order progress and delivery status via Motion Burner’s custom online client portal

* Guaranteed Delivery/Turnaround

* Data Accepted/Delivered in any industry standard file format IN (.C3D, .FBX, .TRC, .HDF) OUT (.AMC, .ASF, .BVH, .FBX, .HTR, .TRC, .HDF).

Solve / Retarget

* All work performed by experienced and degreed animators

* Work performed in Pacific Time Zone providing immediate client response times

* Competitive pricing including volume discounts

* Custom script writing

* Pipeline customization

3D Animation

Built around an extraordinary team of visual effects professionals, Motion Burner delivers a wide range of 3D Animation Services including…

Character Setup, Facial Rig Integration, Animation Editing (e.g. connecting/exaggerating hits, props, and timing adjustments), Hand key polish animation for fingers and body, Animation Blending.

Other Services

To meet each customer’s complete motion capture needs, Motion Burner offers the following additional world-class services:

Facial Data Processing (including pose library setup and polish), Engine Integration (Unity, Unreal, and Lumberyard), On-Set Supervision, Scene Assembly and Layout, Scene Editing for Timing, and VCAM Integration.

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