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209 group client, MoCap Solutions, the premier manufacturer of motion capture suits & markers.


About MoCap Solutions

MoCap Solutions has revolutionized the business of motion capture suits and markers. All of their products are made in the United States and are held to the same dimensional tolerances and statistical process controls as automotive and aerospace components. They utilize state of the art 3D CAD software to produce their designs and build aerospace quality injection molds to mold all of their components. All of our MoCap Solutions designs are their own and may be customized to fit your specific needs. They are motion capture industry professionals and can appreciate what it takes to make a shoot go perfectly.

MoCap Solutions Products

Motion Capture Markers
X-Base Markers (X-Markerz) — TOP SELLING ITEM!

The most revolutionary design in motion capture history is MoCap Solution’s x-markerz.

These x-markerz are molded with an integrated 2″x 2″ base. This very thin square base may be configured to any shape AFTER it’s been molded. This allows markers to be customized for their locations on the subject, the type of captures, for anything!

When used in conjunction with a MoCap Solutions motion capture suit, these markers simply DO NOT come off during a take!

Available in the following sizes:

9mm | Soft Marker with Flexible Base. Velcro Adhesive. | Sold in 10 Packs @ $60.00
14mm | Soft Marker with Flexible Base. Velcro Adhesive. | Sold in 10 Packs @ $60.00
19mm | Solid Marker with Flexible Base. Velcro Adhesive. | Sold in 10 Packs @ $70.00

If you have specific needs, MoCap Solutions can also custom build your markers.

Face Markers

These markers are true hemispheres measuring exactly half as high as their diameter. They feature a self-adhesive backing allowing for “peel & stick” application. Hemispherical Self-Adhesive Motion Capture Markers are available in the following sizes:

3mm | Sold in 10 Packs @ $25.00
4mm | Sold in 10 Packs @ $25.00

Hemispherical Markers also available without a self-adhesive included (at $20.00 per 10 pack).

Hard Base Markers

The MoCap Solutions Hard Base Markers are Solid with a Plastic Base and do not come with an adhesive. They are commonly bundled with our Velcro E-Z Patch or Skin Patches to apply them directly on human skin.

The removable hard base markers are sold in 10 packs, in the following sizes:

9mm 10 pack for $60.00
14mm  – 10 pack for $60.00

Custom sizes may be built upon request.

FINGER Markers

The MoCap Solutions Finger Markers are manufactured in a completely automated process to ensure that one marker is the same as the next. They are Soft Markers with a Flexible Base, and come with a Velcro Adhesive.

Sold in standard 9mm size, in packs of 10 @ $60.00.

Custom sizes may be built upon request.

Motion Capture Suits

Presenting the new and evolved MoCap Suit!

The most recent product from MoCap Solutions is the revolutionary MoCap Suit. Made from a breathable, four-way stretch, anti-microbial, polypropylene material — these motion capture suits are the most comfortable suit to ever grace a mocap stage!

Available in Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large sizes.

Marker & Suit Accessories

  • E-Z Patches: Velcro E-Z Patch used to apply markers to various things (like suits).
  • Skin Patches: A great way to apply markers directly to human skin.
  • MoCap Beanies (suit accessory)
  • MoCap Gloves (suit accessory)
  • MoCap Footwraps (suit accessory)

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