Manus VR

Manus VR, a 209 group client, provides a high-end data glove that brings intuitive interaction to virtual reality.

Manus VR Gloves

About Manus VR

Manus VR has bridged a crucial gap between the physical and virtual world. With a focus on intuitive hand interaction, design and durability they bring the most immersive experience to VR.

The Manus VR Glove is a high-end data glove that brings intuitive interaction to virtual reality. Its unique design and cutting-edge technology allows for truly immersive experiences by tracking your hands in real-time. With an unlimited amount of possibilities, the Manus VR Glove offers key solutions for training simulations, VR arcades and motion capture. It has been optimized to work with the HTC Vive, XSense, PhaseSpace and OptiTrack.

What's in the Box?

The Manus VR Development Kit comes with...

-- Pair of Manus VR Gloves
-- USB Wireless Dongle
-- Micro USB Cables
-- Glove Washing Trees

Product Information Datasheet

Request a Quote

Request a quote for the Manus VR Development Kit, or the Manus VR Wrist Straps for HTC Vive Tracker. Manus VR also offers software licenses for Unity 5, Unreal Engine 4, and Motionbuilder.

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