209 group client, Eurotruss, leading supplier of aluminum truss systems & stages on the international market.


About Eurotruss

Eurotruss has been in business since the 1990s. Their heritage shapes the way they do business today. Eurotruss’ corporate vision – provide solutions at the highest quality, service and support level without losing the human aspect – shows how clearly they understand 21st century-users and their needs. During the last decade, Eurotruss has established a broad and well-trained dealer network around the globe. A well-motivated and trained team at every global office, a large stock of all popular truss types and a 24/7 mentality is the key to be the right partner for all truss users globally.

Eurotruss Products



Eurotruss has a wide range of aluminum truss systems. In the Pre Rig range, Eurotruss offers a 101cm (40”) rectangular TT system with upgrade versions called TTU / TTS (higher loading specs) and special Touring Truss called PRT. Next to the conical connection truss systems, Eurotruss also produces Spigoted Truss and Plated Truss. Some of these series are also available as Circle elements.

Conical Truss

In the early 90’s, Eurotruss invented the conical truss spigot connection which ultimately has proven to be one of the most important innovations in the global truss & rigging market. The connection that gives you strength!

The Conical Truss selection includes Multi Truss (FD/HD), Heavy Truss, Pre Rig Truss, Touring Truss, Ground Support, Sound Towers & Leg Bridges, Connection & Accessories, and Corners.

Spigoted Truss

Spigoted-TrussSpigoted Truss: Also known as the Fork End Truss, the spigoted truss is made of rigid aluminum tubes with 4,47mm (0.18 inches) wall thickness coping with severe loads and circumstances.

The two series GS & Mini Beam was always known with the brand name Slick. Eurotruss, after purchased Slick, rebranded it under the Eurotruss Flag and upgraded the products.

Plated Truss


Plated Truss: The plated truss is the most used and respected truss in the North American and Asian Market. Eurotruss manufactures the plated truss in their factory in Knoxville Tennessee and have upgraded the products to improve user-friendliness. These truss systems are suitable for several applications such as flying P.A. systems and any other general use. The connection of plated truss is made by bolting two aluminum plates together on all four corners of the trussing segments.


Arc RoofsPitch RoofsSaddle RoofsStage Integration – Tunnel Roofs

Eurotruss-Roof Systems

Eurotruss designed its total roof range in order to meet the market standards in terms of size, load bearing capacity, truss system, modularity, and flexibility.

The Eurotruss Roof System is a temporarily mobile structure to cover a stage and provide the possibility of hanging numbers of light fixtures, PA, Led Screens and other fixtures required to make a spectacular show under any given circumstance.


Stage DecksStairsAccessoriesLegsSafety RailingsScaffolding Integration

Eurotruss Stage Decks are the perfect modular stage deck system for stages, fashion show catwalks, tribunes and conference podiums.

A guaranteed top product approved by the TüV and available in standard metric and imperial sizes. The Eurotruss Deck is characterized by its light weight, modularity, quality and its fair price. An extensive range of multi-purpose stage decks – a lot of value for your money!

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