About us

About 209 group

Professional Technology and Services for Media and Entertainment.

209 group is your direct line to the hardware, software, and people you need to support your next big venture in tv, film, video games, automotive, design, and advertising! A few examples include...

VR/AR Supercomputers and Workstations

for rendering ultra high-end 3D environments used in VR, CG, Automotive, and AEC applications.

Motion Capture Hardware & Software

MoCap cameras, markerless face capture systems, data cleaning software, custom MoCap truss/stages, animation/rendering software, and much more!

Motion Capture Services

Performance Capture, Face Capture, Virtual Production for hire Stages, Virtual Camera, Simul-cam, mocap data cleaning and animating.


Talent Acquisition for professional dancers, actors, models, choreographers, magicians, cirque-style acts and more 

209 Group’s Partner Portal includes...

Animatrik, A-MAX Motion Capture, Eurotruss, Manus VR, MoCap Solutions, Motion Burner, NCAM, OptiTrack, Pi Square, & Silverdraft Supercomputing.